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How do I make a request for travel assistance?

You can complete a travel assistance request form or email


When should I make a travel assistance request?

Requests should be made as soon as possible.


What happens after I submit a travel assistance request?

Once your application is submitted, someone from IMTS will contact you to go over the application in detail. Addition information may be needed prior to approval. To avoid delays please fill out the application with complete detailed information


How long does it take to get approved?

Every effort is made to approve applications quickly. IMTS will email you an automated email confirming the receipt of your application. 


Can I pack luggage?

Every effort is made to safely travel with the required luggage for your trip. Please make a note of mobility assistance devices or any large luggage that may need to accompany you.


Can I choose what time of day I travel?

Schedules are made to optimise travel time and patient comfort. Requests are considered and efforts are made to accommodate any requests but safety and comfort are our first priority.


Am I eligible for travel assistance?

Funding is based on need and every effort is made to assist those who are requiring financial assistance.    


Can someone travel with me?

Family members, spouses or escorts are welcomed to accompany if space is permitted​.

Is my donation a tax deduction?

IMTS is a registered charity and to claim a donation as a deduction on your taxes, please keep your Official Donation Tax Receipt as your official record. We'll send it to you upon successful completion of your donation.

If you have more questions and we have not answered them, feel free to contact us!

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